Back To School Trends: Plaid Is Everywhere This Fall

One of the hottest trends for fall this year is plaid. No longer the must-have look for lumber jacks and early 90s grunge rock, plaid is a fun style that kids of all ages can wear. If you would like to add a touch of plaid your children’s clothes, here are three simple ways to integrate this popular print into your kids’ back to school look.

1. Plaid shirt with solid pants

Plaid looks great on it’s own and does not need to be mixed up to make it pop. Choose a simple plaid shirt in fun and bold colors, then mix it with a pair of simple jeans or leggings. Try a bright orange and green plaid tunic over dark grey leggings, or a basic red and blue plaid button up shirt over dark wash jeans. It is just a fun print that you don’t need much else.

2. Use plaid with layers

Plaid shirts can be a great final piece in a layered outfit. Use bold, contrasting colors to create an eye catching look. Toss a purple and blue plaid shirt over a forest green tank top for a layered look that stands out and looks great. Or choose a softer neutral color tee under a bright plaid to tone down the look some. No matter how chilly it gets, a good plaid shirt can make a perfect extra warm layer.

3. Put plaid in unusual places

Everyone is going to be wearing plaid shirts this year. Help your kids stand out with touches of plaid where they are least expected. Sew or iron on plaid patches to jeans and jean skirts to give clothes an interesting touch that gets noticed. Try a plaid children’s hat or purse for your child to carry.  You can even let your kids’ funky sides out with plaid kid shoes.

Plaid is everywhere this fall, and school children are going to be enjoying the look a lot as the weather cools off. If your kids are begging for plaid go ahead and give in. The next fashion trend to sweep through might not be so simple and fun.

By: Summer Minor a fashion writer for My Baby Clothes Boutique.