Etsy Find: Baby Peacock Elastic Skinny Headband

There is something about Peacock feathers. The rich colours of teal, gold, navy blue bronze mixed with just a hint of iridescent purple makes for something both regal and elegant. I simply adore them!

I also love when people take popular trends for women and translate them into miniature versions for children, which is exactly what Misty Days Boutique has done with their Teal Rolled Rose Flower Skinny Elastic Headband.

Like all Etsy products, this is handcrafted using a handmade rolled rose, a peacock feather and plumage, all tied into a skinny headband. Because of the colour combination, this would work for all seasons.

The headband can be ordered in sizes 0-3 months, 4-12 months, 12 months-3 years or 3 years – adult.

Price: $14.00 from Misty Days Boutique on Etsy