Etsy Find: Cupcake Crayons

Cute right? We love Lil Scribblers crayons, made using only the best Crayola® crayons, (each one contains about 5 or more regular crayons in them) each set contains approximately 40 crayons! They are also great for little hands, thanks to their larger shapes.

Recently, Lil Scribblers introduced these adorable new cupcake crayons as part of their product line on Etsy. Each set contains a variety of colours, with each colour scheme swirled together.

This set includes 8 Cupcake crayons (as shown) in rainbow hues – red, orange, yellow, green, blue, pink, purple & brown. They are packaged in a little bakery-style box, cushioned with paper shredding and tied up neatly with wraphia!

Price: $10.95 on Lil Boo and Co. on Etsy

Photos Courtesy of Lil Boo and Co.