Dijjie Brand: The New Kid On The Babywear Block

The Dijjie brand was conceived in 2008 by a couple in who received their first spark of inspiration following the birth of their son. The goal was to design cute and stylish garments which also allowed for freedom of movement and easy access for diaper changes.

Dijjie showcased their lineup of practical and cool playsuits at the Bubble London trade show, 2 months ago. Based upon the current urban styles, these adorable one piece outfits are designed to appear as though your baby is wearing separate pieces (jeans and a tee). They are divided into three collections: Funky Bear, The Little Pacer and Hoxton Check.

For now Dijjie ships within Europe alone (we’re jealous!). The outfits retail for £15.95 each and you can buy them directly through Dijjie’s website.