Pyjama De Super Heros: European Organic Pyjamas by Adri

Adri is a European line of organic underwear and sleepwear for children. Their goal is to teach children to take better care of themselves and the environment as ultimately bringing awareness to the generation of today is what will make for responsibly and environmentally aware adults of the future.

These Super Hero pyjamas are made from 100% organic cotton that has been certified by the Global Organic Textile Standard (grown, harvested and processed in order to preserve the environment). The screen print is also certified free of all heavy metals or other harmful substances, according to European standards.

Adri’s Super Hero PJ’s are the same pyjamas that were seen on Canal Plus, during a program hosted by Daphne Burki, a designer for John Galliano. Since September 2008, Daphne hosts a show on the French network Canal + and Special Edition where she reviews and features various fashion trends along with an environmental perspective.

Price: 43 Eur. from Little You