Fun Ruffles Add Pizazz and Personality To Girls’ Clothing

For young girls, the ruffled pant look is making waves. From sweet to spunky, adding ruffles to the leg of pants gives baby clothes more personality and pizazz. Try a big ruffle to get noticed, or a small ruffle to add charm. When the weather gets too chilly for frilly tutus, ruffle pants will still be there.

There are as many different types of ruffle pants as there are girls to wear them. Some girls want a big, huge ruffle that stands out and makes a statement, while others prefer a softer more subdued look. Keep your eye out for ruffles in bold prints and bright colors that make the outfit pop.

Go pretty and petite with delicate ruffles that only add a hint of flair to an outfit. There are tons of toddler girl clothes this fall that will be featuring small, sweet ruffles on already cute clothing. These are great when they are paired with softer colors to make them stand out a bit, without looking too wild.

Even toddler jeans are getting the ruffle treatment this fall. A denim ruffle on the hem of jeans add a fun and flirty look to the basics. Paired with a cute sweater, these make the cool autumn days look even sweeter.

The great thing about ruffles is how much style they can add to almost any outfit. Whether they are big and bold or soft and sweet, ruffles add a girly touch to fall clothes. When the colder weather takes your daughter from wearing playful skirts and sweet baby dresses, you can still dress her up in ruffle pants. Who says cold weather has to mean boring clothes?

By Summer Minor of My Baby Clothes Boutique, a fashion consultant for children.