BabyLegs Newborn Collection: Suitable For New Babies and Preemies

Created especially for preemies and newborns, BabyLegs has introduced the arrival of a new collection — BabyLegs® Newborn, made from 80% organic cotton. It was announced today (July 30) that this latest collection will be available in August 2010. The new layette includes 12 stylish leg warmers for boys and girls in fun, whimsical designs such as Peter Rabbit, Sweetness and Sunshine as well as some old favorites, Lil’ Flame, Lil’ Jolly Jack, Lil’ Rainbow and Lil’ Sweetheart.

BabyLegs® Newborn are 7cm wide by 21 cm long (versus the standard 8cm wide by 33 cm long) and provide a cozy and cuddly layer of warmth for those first few months of life. They are also ideal for both home and hospital use. In the neonatal intensive care unit, leg warmers add warmth without disturbing monitoring equipment or IVs, while at home, they provide easy access for those frequent diaper changes and allow your little one to wear onesies without getting a chill.

This is such a great idea! (I wish it was around when my daughter was born). They make an excellent choice for gifting a mom-to-be.

Price: $10 each through www.babylegs.com.