Review: Beginning by Maclaren: Holistic, Natural & Gentle Body Products

Natural is a term thrown around quite frequently these days, especially when it comes to baby products or bath and body products for mom. Maclaren, the premier British parenting lifestyle company has recently introduced their Beginning line of natural and holistic personal care products for moms, mothers-to-be and babies using 100% natural and organic products.

Known for their immediate attention to detail, quality and performance, Maclaren researched and developed this range in England in association with a leading medical laboratory, an internationally acclaimed aroma therapist, responsible suppliers committed to ethical sourcing and an team of in-house experts. What they have come up with is a gentle, therapeutic and oh so relaxing collection of incredible products.

The ingredients are luxurious, 100% natural, rigorously tested and dermatologically tested on sensitive skin. They are free from, Synthetic perfumes, Artificial Colors, Petroleum Derivatives, Sodium lauryl sulphates, Parabens, TEA, DEA and all animal ingredients.

The  Maclaren Beginnings line  is designed to meet not only the physical but the emotional needs of mothers and their babies and let me tell you, Maclaren has definitely hit their mark with this collection. Their Purifying Bath and Shower Elixir contains pure organic Orange, Pettigrain and Mandarin essential oils. It is part of the “Mother” line and although I did use most of it (didn’t want to share) I tested it out on my 2 girls and was happily surprised at how gentle the formula was.

The Nurturing Bath Milk is another product from Beginning’s “For Mother” line. The bottle is intelligently made using special-coated glass bottles that minimize the risk of breakage and preserve the essential oils. “Nurturing” is infused with Lavender, Neroli and Orange for mama and babies can enjoy the similar “Relaxing” formula containing Lavender, Geranium and Mandarin. Once you add the capful of oil to the running water, the bath turns slightly “milky” allowing the oils to penetrate your skin easily.

I have an issue with diaper creams because they are usually incredibly thick, greasy and sticky. Maclaren’s Protecting Nappy Change Balm is none of those things, in fact I like the scent so much that I have used it on my hands and arms. This formula is water based and contains Cocoa Butter, Shea Butter, German Chamomile oil, Lavender Oil  and Aloe Vera. There is no greasiness or stickiness and it works very well with cloth diapers. Another bonus? It doesn’t come in a teeny tiny tin! You get a very generous 8.4 oz in the tube.

We had no dry or itchy skin in sight after using this bar of soap. My daughter’s delicate skin was cleansed and moisturized with the Soothing Delicate Soap. Using Jojoba, Aloe and Lavender, this gentle formula is great for little ones. It can also be used for their hair and leaves just a slight hint of lavender fragrance behind.

Ok. These candles? Amazing! Made from natural wax (soy and palm), these Aromatherapy Candles are made from certified vegan ingredients. There is no animal by products, they are eco-friendly made from renewable resources and have a lead free wick, smokeless and soot free. They come in 5 different blends:

Celebration: Lavender, Patchouli, Bergamot, Sage and Geranium

Rejuvenating: Neroli

Inspiring: Mandarin and Petitgrain

Tranquility: Patchouli and Rose

Harmony: Cinnamon and Clove

The glass jar comes with a beautiful metal lid. They are not only beautifully scented, natural and safe, they are gorgeous as well!

All products from the Beginning line are packaged in recycled tube containers to protect the delicate nature of the oils. This makes for excellent presentation as well as the perfect gift.

Other products from this line include:

For Mom

  • Hand Sanitizer with Organic Lavender
  • Alleviating Leg Lotion
  • Balancing Facial Mist
  • Connecting Massage Oil
  • Supporting Belly Balm
  • Travel Kits
  • Vials of Essential Oils

For Baby

  • Absorbing Dusting Powder
  • Cocooning Massage Oil
  • Comforting Room Mist
  • Travel Kits

Honestly after trying out these products I don’t know of another brand that could top Beginnings. These are like products would find in a high-end spa, but they are for Moms and Babies (there’s an idea, a Maclaren Mom and Baby Spa!). You can purchase beautiful gift sets and travel kits directly through Maclaren’s online shop, or you can visit their website for a list of retailers in your area.

*Thank you to Maclaren for sending us these products for review!*