Child Mode’s Exclusive Interview With Soleil Moon Frye


Actress Soleil Moon Frye is loved by many for her role as Punky Brewster , a popular TV sitcom from the ‘80s, but these days she has a slightly different fan base of moms and dads who take inspiration from her eco-friendly lifestyle. Between running Little Seed with her business partner Paige Goldberg Tolmach, her successful children’s specialty boutique carrying eco-friendly and organic products, and raising her two beautiful girls Poet, 4 1/2, and Jagger, 2, with husband Jason Goldberg, Soleil is one busy mama!

Graciously taking time out of her busy schedule, Soleil spoke to us last week in regards to her exciting new partnership with Target, her passion for green living, the one thing she wishes the most for her daughters and some exciting news on upcoming projects. Soleil’s vivacious, warm and friendly spirit is highly contagious and she is truly an inspiration!

CM: You opened Little Seed 2 years after giving birth to your first daughter Poet, have you always been passionate about green living?

I’ve always had a love and passion for helping the environment. Growing up, we were really brought up with a real love for the environment and spent a lot of time at Topanga Canyon and grew up amongst artists and political activists. As kids, we would make homemade tents and my mom would let us sleep outside in the backyard under the stars. It was amazing! So I always had a love and passion for helping the environment.

Many years ago, I realized there was so much we could do to raise awareness through the media and became involved with Environmental Media Association. Of course, after becoming a mother and having my own baby, I felt that all of a sudden, my eyes were open to the world for the first time. My business partner Paige and I had new children and we really wanted to create a safe haven for our babies. So we searched all over the globe to find eco-friendly and non-toxic products for our little ones and opened the Little Seed. It has grown and become a community effort that so much bigger than us.

CM: I know for myself, it is hard to find environmentally friendly toys and products for my own children and feel the interest in these products has grown substantially over the last 5 years. Do you find your business has increased due to people becoming more aware of environmental issues?

I think that we are all in a time where our consciousness has been raised and we are becoming much more aware. I believe that the more we ask questions and the more we support sustainability, the more people will become sustainable and the more we can change the world. I think all of us are trying to our best as parents and its all about that balance. My kids have eco-friendly toys but we also go to Disneyland and eat ice cream. We still have our special treats, but we are really conscious about our environment and try to take the little steps that make a big shift. I think we are very much the modern family in that sense. It’s all in the balance.

CM: How do you implement green living in your household?

We do a lot of walking and love to ride our bikes! We also go to the farmers market and try to buy organic when we can. We drive a hybrid vehicle. It’s funny, my daughter screams at me sometimes “Mommy turn off the water, your wasting water!” She is becoming the next generation of activists! I think it’s really amazing, I don’t think they are ever too young. One of our favorite sayings is, “You are never to young to sow the seeds of caring and responsibility.”  I think if we continue to raise them with that awareness then they really will be the next generation.

CM: We are so excited to hear about your partnership with Target! What kind of products can we expect to find and what is the price point?

Being able to make these products affordable and accessible to families was something that has really been a goal for us all along.

Target has always been one of our favorite places to go as new moms, so this was really a dream come true, because in our partnership with them we were able to make Little Seed accessible to millions and millions of other families, bringing it across the globe. To be able to partner with such an incredible team like Target who also wants to make a difference and carry forth the eco message, has been amazing! They have really allowed us to be imaginative and creative, it has been an incredible process!

Everything is under $13.00 and we don’t use any plastic for the packaging, it is eco-friendly, simple, elegant and stylish, which really feels like a extension of us. We wanted everything to feel authentic to who we are. The sizes for the Little Seed Collection for Target range from newborn to 9 months.

My absolute favorite is the reversible hooded towel! It is super colorful and retails for $12.99. We also have collections of vibrant and colorful hoodies, swaddle blankets, bibs, caps, booties and onesies. One of our other big concepts behind this line is layering. Three onesies and three pairs of pants can be worn a million different ways!

CM: I love that the these products are so colorful! The thing with organic is everything is pastels or beige or white, often there isn’t much color.

That was always our goal for Little Seed, to take concept of eco, making it vibrant, vivacious, colorful and beautiful. We wanted to make it happy and electrifying!

CM: Is this a limited edition collection with Target or will this an ongoing partnership?

We are there until the end of October and then we will let you know! It would be very exciting if we did continue.

CM: Your adorable daughters Poet Sienna Rose and Jagger Joseph Blue  have very unique names. How did you come up with them?

I feel like Poet chose her own name. We had came up with it earlier on and then still weren’t 100% sure what her name was going to be. On Father’s Day my husband and I were like “What is your name!” Then I looked up and saw a sign that said “Poet” and right beside it was a quote by Edgar Allan Poe. So that moment was very symbolic, we said we would call her Poe for short.

With Jagger, she just felt like a Jagger all along.

CM: What is the one thing you wish for your daughters?

That they are happy and healthy and always follow their dreams.

CM: Are they into fashion? Do they have their own individual sense of style?

Oh yeah! Jagger would be happiest in no clothes at all and Poet is a real fashionista. She likes all of the most colorful, wacky, fun colors and likes to put them on in a million different ways. Sounds very much like someone else I know!

CM: You seem to be a very hands-on mom! We follow you on Twitter and you are such an inspiration to so many moms out there! What are some of your favorite things to do with your kids?

I love taking them to the beach! I also just love the moments in between. We like putting on dances and dance parties together. They are really close with their cousins and we enjoy having family get togethers and just having that family time.

We also love to put on shows. Right now it is all about Grease, so they put on the soundtrack from Grease and do a bunch of performances.

CM: Tell me a little bit about your online community Moon Frye

It is just a really fun, lifestyle site that I love. We launched it just a few months ago and it’s been amazing. I love social media and engaging with people! I love Twitter and the fact that I can micro blog between packing lunches and dropping my kid at school, but I really wanted to connect more and have a deeper level of engagement. Moon Frye is a community for moms, dads and families who are really trying to live their best life. People share videos, photos and interact with one another.

CM: Do you think you will return to acting again? Do you have any projects currently in production?

Definitely! Right now I’ve been focused on being a mommy and building my business, which has been incredible, but I would love to get back into acting soon. Also I have a book coming out next summer called Happy Chaos. It will be published by Dutton, an imprint of Penguin Books. The book is going to be a cross between a memoir and parenting. It’s really inspired about my own life experiences, humorous stories about my childhood and how those experiences affect me as a mom today. I want it to feel like a chat with your best friend. It will be coming out next summer!

Be sure to check out Soleil’s fabulous new line at your local Target or on Target.com. You can also follow her on Twitter or through her online community Moon Frye.

Photo Credit: Meeno