Make Summer Dresses Last All Autumn With Warm Leggings

Autumn is almost here, and if your daughter has a closet full of pretty dresses that still fits you may be a bit sad. Those bare legs will not make it through the colder months, and she might be too big to get one last wear in next summer. So how can you stretch the life of dresses and skirt? With cute, colorful, and warm leggings!

Layering colors and patterns is always in style for little girls, and leggings let you do just that when cooler weather comes. Pair her favorite summer dress with a sweet camisole sweater and a pair of striped wool leggings for a colorful autumn look.

With the layered look, it doesn’t really matter if things match. In fact, the less they match the better. Mix together a blue shirt with an orange skirt and rainbow striped leggings underneath. Mix and match the look in hundreds of different ways, she’ll never have to wear the same look twice. The look is as unique as childhood, and will keep her legs warm all autumn.

Baby and toddler leggings can be found in a variety of styles and colors. There are thin knit ones, and thick wool. You can even find sweet lace leggings to add a playful look when the weather is just starting to nip. Whether you live somewhere where autumn is cold, or just a little chilly, adding a pair of cute leggings underneath will keep her legs warm and stylish.

When autumn comes in, you can extend the life of all those dresses and skirts your daughter still has to wear without doing much. A great pair of colorful leggings will add funky style to her toddler couture, and keep her legs toasty and cozy against the wind.

By Summer Minor, children’s fashion consultant for My Baby Clothes Boutique.