Cute Sporty Girls Dresses From Stardust

I love these cute summer dresses from Stardust. They give off a sporty, casual look and would be ideal for playing on the beach or everyday wear. The fact that they are now in the sale has just made me like them even more!

They are priced at £10.00 each (reduced from £22 each) and I especially love the ‘Pixel Man’ and ‘Butterfly’ designs for a cheeky yet cute outfit choice.

The retro style Elvis dress is fresh and fun and perfect for any budding pop stars out there and let’s hope the vibrant ‘Anarchy’ style dress doesn’t give your little angels too many diva-esque ideas! !

Dust and Stardust Ltd is a unique, independent brand combining two in-house designed collections: children’s wear label Stardust and the recently launched women’s wear label Dust.

The Stardust range has successfully grown into a popular brand with the use of vibrant colours, quality fabrics and strong quirky designs to create stand-out pieces.

The collection has also developed a strong identity for making and printing personalized kids’ clothes. The range appeals as much to Mums and Dads as it does the kids, and allows parents to pass on their sense of urban rebellion to their kids, with fashions that are way too cool for school!