Flowers, Bright Colours and Fun Designs Bring Happiness During Tough Economic Times

Since 2008, the world has been in a state of flux.  Fighting this crisis has brought on an increase in depression and uncertainty.  The headlines on any given day are about our struggles, jobs lost, homes lost, and businesses closing.  Fashion designers and retailers are struggling as well.  Banks aren’t willing to give small business loans as freely as before, the availability of fresh new designs and boutiques are diminishing.

I believe this current situation has influenced designers to create looks that are cheery and bright to help us focus on happier times to come.  It is a proven fact that when you are having a bad day, putting on a bright dress with flower accents can’t help but brighten your outlook.

Shopping, even if it is only window shopping, can prove to be inspirational.  So many options in hair accessories, jewelry, scarves, etc….  are available to enhance your existing wardrobe.  No need to buy a whole new outfit, add a pearl necklace with a silk rose.  Transform a plain t shirt with a scarf, simple skirt, and flower headband.  These simple and affordable options help keep the financially strapped fashionistas in style.

The baby clothes industry has picked up on this trend.  The colors have gotten brighter, pale pastels are a thing of the past.  Taking simple basic colors and enhancing them with statement pieces have taken over.   Black zebras paired with hot pink, cheetah prints livened up with bright pink, even pink or green camo onesies with flowers.  The new colors are bold reds, purples, oranges, and browns.  Tie dyes, tulle, and knit ruffles have replaced eyelet lace and ribbon embroidered hems.

Lace leggings, knit leg warmers, and even knit capris have replaced those impossible to put on baby tights.  Baby shoes have been upgraded to fun almost toy like designs with lights, sparkles, and even squeakers.  Children love wearing these new designs.  You can see them running and laughing watching their shoes perform.

The accessories for babies and toddlers have made a drastic and enthusiastic change as well.  Brightly colored hats with flowers, crochet beanies with big bows, and even knit hats with skulls and crossbones.  The tie dye hat designs are a perfect addition to a plain onesie.   Just about every newborn picture has a crochet flower beanie or baby flower headband paired with a sweet little pettiskirt.

With all these changes in the fashion industry, the bright, colorful designs are a nice way to try to forget about our worries for a little while.  High fashion has become more attainable for the moderate incomes.

By Shannon Henrici of My Baby Clothes Boutique.