Barbie: The Fashion Experience Proves To Be A Hit At The Children’s Museum of Indianapolis

Since December 2009, Barbie™: The Fashion Experience has been among the most popular exhibits at the The Children’s Museum of Indianapolis. This new exhibit is expected to welcome more than 1 million museum visitors during the 14 months it will be open. Kids and their families will be able to “play with fashion” and explore the various roles that are involved with putting on a real life runway show. The exhibit also offers opportunities to learn how fashion is a reflection of art, design, and popular culture.

Barbie™: The Fashion Experience at the Children’s Museum of Indianapolis is open until mid-February 2011. Visitors of the museum will also enjoy one-of-a-kind Barbie™ collectibles never seen by the public and learn first-hand about the art of Barbie® through collecting.

For more information about Barbie™: The Fashion Experience at The Children’s Museum of Indianapolis, contact the museum at (800) 208-KIDS [5437] or visit childrensmuseum.org.