Ali Landry’s Daughter Estela Ines Celebrates Her 3rd Birthday Princess Style!

She’s three!

Estela Ines, turned three earlier this month and her parents Ali Landy and Alejandro Monteverde hosted a birthday fit for a princess at Estela’s preschool. Attended by Snow White and Cinderella, the party was pink, pretty and perfect. Entertainment was provided by Lizzy’s Fancy Feet Parties, and party favours from Mabel’s Labels.

Ali chatted with us last week about her daughter’s party and gave us exclusive news on her upcoming projects!

CM: Tell us a little bit about your daughters party. What was the theme based around?

Like every other party this year, the theme was princess. I tried getting myself out of it, I tried pulling the Wizard of Oz, but she all she wanted was pink and princess! Last year was the first time she had a real party, but this year was the first year she was really excited about the whole thing. She understands its her birthday and really knows what that means. I told her that I was inviting the princesses, but they would only come depending on how good she was. If she was respectful, kind and greatful, then they would come.

Her party was held at her preschool which is absolutely fabulous! They had these beautiful pink carousel horses in storage that they said we were welcome to use if we wanted. They were such a hit!

There was about 70 people there in total, (20 kids). Nancy O’Dell was there with her daughter Ashby. Candace Buhr as well and another dear friend of mine who is going to be on the Housewives of Beverly Hills, Kyle Richards was there. The adults and everyone had such a great time!

Because we really organized it ourselves and it was a family affair, the day was just glorious! I have never seen my child so happy, she had such a ball during the party! I think she came up to me once for a glass of water. At the end of the day, she ended up falling asleep in her highchair. It was the first time she ever fell asleep at the table.

CM: Who provided the catering?

We just really kept it simple and had a Taco Truck come in and make Tacos. For entertainment we had Snow White and Cinderella stop by. They had a little tea party with the children, made balloon characters, and sang and danced. They also made glitter tattoos and face painting.

CM: That piñata was quite the piñata!

This was the piñata of all piñatas! I think I bought it more for myself then for her, it was so beautiful! Originally, I was planning on buying her a princess character, but when I got to the store and found snow white and sleeping beauty pinatas, I thought ” I can’t let my child beat up snow white!” So I decided on this one. I have never seen anything like it, it was bigger than me!

Because of it’s size, the kids took awhile to hit it. Although, Ashby, Nancy O’Dell’s little girl, was the slugger of the group! She was incredible hitting that pinata.

CM: Her sparkly dress is beautiful!

I found it at a little boutique in LA. It wasn’t quite right so I shipped it off to my mother in Louisiana and she worked her magic by making all these changes and slight adjustments. She shortened the waist line, added a sash and changed the sleeves. Estela was ecstatic because it was sparkly and long, and of course it looked like a princess dress. I bought her shoes at Kitson. They were sparkly white party shoes with little pink leopard spots on the top.

CM: Can you tell us about that delicious chocolate cake?

When I was on a television show a few years back, Eve, we used to get these cakes every week for everyone on the set. Those cakes were the best I have ever had in my entire life and I never forgot about them. So, this year I located the catering company who made them and said, “I need you to make me this cake, I’ve been dreaming about your cakes for four years!”. So they did. I found the little castle and carriage cake toppers online and then had them put her name on top.

CM: Your dress was gorgeous Who is it by?

French Connection.

CM: Can you give us any updates on your latest projects?

Because of the success of Belle Parish’s Heirloom collection, we decided to re-brand and sell the first collection year-round. We’ve added 6 new day dresses to this collection and 3 couture party dresses that will premiere in New York on September 12th, during a fashion show sponsored by Elle Magazine. Our plan is to be able to sell the piece online by August.

The docudrama following me around in my life as a mom, wife and entrepreneur, will be moving forward. We should be signing the deal by the end of the week.

Photos: Courtesy of Bryan Randall and Ali Landry