Vintage Hats: Hot Trend For Kids This Fall

Retro inspired styles come and go, and this fall they promise to be back in a big way. One look that is coming back is the vintage hat. Whether you like the classic fedora or the spunky Driver Cap, you can add a little retro flair to childrens’ clothes with a great hat.

When vintage looks come back into style, many people forget just how much pizazz they can add with a simple retro-inspired hat. Boys and girls alike can make their look really pop with a great hat. And this fall, every era is up for grabs. You can go really retro with a simple newsboy hat, that looks great on everyone. Or stay slightly more modern with a tie-die flower power cap.

Though caps are usually thought of as for boys only, even girls can get into the retro style. Give a nod to the 40s with a marabou feathered cap for a glamorous look when the weather begins to get chilly. Even the typical “boy hats”, such as a vintage inspired military cap, can look incredibly cute and sweet on a little girl. There is no reason to let gender get in the way of a great hat!

Of course, the hottest hat trend for this fall is the return of the fedora! Fedoras are classic hats that never really go out of style. They had a small come back during the summer months, but when fall gets underway fedoras will become a fashion staple. There is no better way to stay warm and stylish than with a bold fedora on your child’s head.

The retro hat is back, just in time for fall fashion. Kids of all ages can find a great hat to add some retro flair to their look and help keep out the cold. Why stick to boring old stocking caps to stay warm? There is an entire history of hat fashion ready to be worn again.

By Summer Minor, the fashion guru for My Baby Clothes Boutique.