6 Tips For Picking the Right Baby Shoes

Ask any parent about their favorite part of their baby, and many will tell you it is those little feet. Baby feet are wonderful things, fat and soft and oh so sweet. Protecting those precious feet, however, is something that many parents are not well-informed on. The right, or wrong, baby shoes can make a huge difference on how their growing feet will develop. Here are five tips for picking the right baby shoes.

  1. Shoes are for walking. This means a pre-walker really does not need shoes. Of course, you may need to buy shoes for a young infant to keep her feet warm and protected. If your baby is not yet taking steps, choose shoes with a soft and flexible sole. Hard soled shoes are for advanced walkers only.
  2. Choose a breathable, natural material. The skin on a baby’s foot needs to breathe, and that can be difficult to do through thick synthetic materials. Cotton, canvas, soft leather, and silk are all great choices for baby shoes. Try to avoid stiff leather and plastic shoes, they can stop air from circulating and getting to your baby’s feet.
  3. Early walkers tend to fall down often. Baby shoes with nonslip bottoms or ridges will help prevent some of the falling down. Shoes that have slick soles can cause an early walker to fall down more often. Also, shoes that are too stiff and unbending make it harder for little feet to learn how to grip and balance. Good baby shoes should be easy to bend and twist, and have a nonskid sole.
  4. Baby shoes should fit just right the first time. Let your baby wear the shoes for a little while, then take them off and check. There should be no red spots or marks across the feet and ankles. Baby shoes do not need to be “broken in” Likewise, baby shoes that are too big can cause your baby to slip and fall more easily. Do not buy larger shoes in hopes of growing into them, unless you do not plan for your baby to wear them right away.
  5. Baby shoes can be cute and functional. You do not have to give up style for the right baby shoes. There are hundreds of different brands that sell cute baby shoes that are soft, flexible, breathable, and gripping. Do not let anyone tell you that good baby shoes have to be boring.
  6. Check out the brand of shoes that you are buying. Many companies are focusing on the advice of Pediatricians to design shoes that will help baby’s feet, not hinder growth.  Some popular brands among moms are Baby Deer, Stride Rite, Designer’s Touch, Robeez, and Pedipeds.

Every mom knows that shoes are the icing on the cake of any outfit.  Why should baby shoes not do the same for those precious baby clothes?  But save those kitten heels for when your little one is much older.

By Summer Minor.  She is a mom and a fashion guru for My Baby Clothes Boutique.