The Top 10 Children Party Themes For 2010

Planning a party or choosing a theme for your child’s birthday is a challenge for most parents, which is why Confetti Bop the all-inclusive children’s party planners has put together a list of the most popular party themes for summer 2010.

Top 5 Children Party Themes for Girls:

  • Princess Tea Party
  • Beach/Pool Party
  • Fashion Show
  • Spa Party
  • Music Video Creation

Top 5 Children Party Themes for Boys:

  • Superhero
  • Video Game
  • Game Show
  • Pirates
  • Train

Of course, keep in mind every child is different and it’s always important to put their own preferences and individual needs in to consideration when planning an event. Some kids are more unconventional and it’s always important to keep their interests in mind before planning a celebration.

To help with the overwhelming pressure which very often accompanies planning a party for kids or preteens, parents want to hire a party planner. Event planners can be an excellent resource when researching and choosing a theme that fits your child’s or tween’s party desires.

Photo Credit: pdufour