Put a Flower In Her Hair – Flower Headbands Are A Huge Trend!

Babies aren’t known to have a lot of hair, but that hasn’t stopped parents from adorning their heads with big, bold flower headbands. Little girls are now getting the floral treatment with these hair accessories that scream “warmer months have arrived!”

Huge silk flowers used to be the domain of elderly women, often pinned to their dresses or hats. When Sarah Jessica Parker took the bold look onto the screen in Sex and the City, suddenly the faux flower was everywhere. Pinned to dresses, glued on purses, or even used to decorate a ponytail or bun!

Because no good fashion trend can truly exist without making its way down the age ladder, it was only a matter of time before babies began sporting this look as well. Fun, colorful, and a bit feminine, the flower baby  headband burst through in a big way. Parents are loving adding a playful touch to their baby girl’s dresses with a bold flower on top of their heads.

There are so many different ways to wear the flower headband, parents can match one with any look they want. A wild animal print with a bright rose or a soft pastel daisy headband with a matching tutu, and hundreds of other looks in between. Make it bright and cheery, or choose one of the smaller flowers for just a slight pop.

When there are flowers blooming everywhere outside, and the sun is shining bright, parents can bring some of that floral charm to their babies with huge, colorful flowers. The trend that made headlines for fabulously fashionable women, is now taking over headbands for fabulously fashionable babies.

Thankfully, this trend does not have to die with the cold weather. Baby hats featuring huge flowers are already being sold to parents who want to keep the look going all winter. Flowers, rather than diamonds, are a girl’s best friend!

By Summer Minor – a fashion writer for My Baby Clothes Boutique.