Child Mode’s Exclusive Interview With Fashion Prodigy Cecilia Cassini

She’s young, she’s bright and she is definitely the designer to watch out for! At just 11 years old Cecilia Cassini, is making news for her original fashion designs that are already a hit with many celebrities such as Brooke Shields, Miley Cyrus, Denise Richards and Bella Thorne. She even made a dress for Jenna Bush!

We caught up with this talented young entrepreneur last week and wanted to know where this amazing passion for design came from! Cecilia spoke to us about her inspirations, who her favorite designers are, what her plans are for the future and the one piece of advice she would give to kids looking to dive into the fashion world.

CM: How old were you when you started designing clothes?

CC: I was probably 3 when I started adapting my regular clothes into my own designs; but I made my first dress when I was 6.

CM: Where did this interest in Fashion Design come from?

CC: I don’t know. I have always loved fashion as long as I can remember. My dad is French and each time we would go to Paris to visit my family, besides wanting to see the Eiffel Tower, I always wanted to go to the Chanel store…

CM: Who taught you how to sew?

CC: I took a couple lessons when I was 6 but then I taught myself by making dresses. I am now taking more lessons to learn different techniques…

CM: Where do you get your inspiration from?

CC: From everywhere – from magazines to flowers outside or from a trip where I discover something and create a dress. For example, when I went to New York for Fashion Week at the beginning of the year, I was so impressed by the number of yellow cabs that when I got back to Los Angeles I made a few “yellow cab” creations

CM: Who are your favorite designers?

CC: Coco Chanel of course! Karl Lagerfeld now, he is amazing! Diane von Furstenberg and Marc Jacobs also.

CM: Have you met any of them?

CC: Yes I was lucky enough to meet Diane von Furstenberg and she was very nice and encouraging. I am wishing and dreaming to meet Karl Lagerfeld!

CM: Where do you see yourself in the next 10 years? Is this something you see yourself pursuing long term?

CC: In 10 years I hope I will still be designing clothes and have my own stores around the whole world.

CM: How would you describe your own personal style?

CC: Fun, classy and avant-garde.

CM: What are your favorite pieces in your closet? Accessories, clothing?

CC: My vintage red Chanel purse my grandma from Paris gave me, my black sequin shorts, my Tory Burch flats, my sunglasses and my signature headbands.

CM: Can you describe your latest collection? Where can we purchase these pieces?

CC: My latest collection is my Spring 2011 with some fabulous tunic dresses filled with big bows, giant puffs and bright and floral prints. My dresses are available to purchase through Fred Segal, several boutiques in Los Angeles (hopefully many more soon) as well as on my website www.ceciliacassini.com.

CM: What piece of advice would you give young girl or boys looking to enter the fashion world?

CC: My advise is “just go for it and follow your dreams!”

Photos courtesy of Cecilia Cassini for exclusive use on Child Mode