Celebrity Kids Fashion Trend – The Floral Sun Dress

A sweet, simple floral sundress has become a must-have item for many fashionable celebrity girls, like Brooke Shields‘ daughter, Grier Henchy who was spotted wearing one out shopping with her mom. Fashion photographer Nigel Barker’s daughter, Jasmine Barker, was spotted wearing one while out with her dad and actor Jason Bateman’s daughter, Frannie Bateman, shined in her floral sundress at the Kidstock Music and Arts Festival in Los Angeles.

The allure of a floral sundress is just how well it works with any occasion. The perfect dress for a picnic, Sunday morning, or going out to eat with the family. A simple floral dress can look fun and playful, without taking away from the classic style it brings.

You can copy this fabulous celebrity girl style for your own little star so easily! There are as many ways to wear the floral sundress as there are places to wear it. Choose a modest, simple dress with muted colors and a classic bow to keep your little girl looking sweet, or choose a dress with bright flowers that pop for a fun look. Let your girl’s personality shine through and her dress will always look right!

The best thing about this fashion trend is just how easy it is for parents to do. Unlike some of the more costly baby and toddler clothes, floral sundresses are easy to find and inexpensive to purchase. You can buy a cute sundress that will last all summer long for less than $60. And the floral sundress never really goes out of style, so you can pass on that dress next summer to another little girl.

This summer, dress your little girl up like a celebrity with a floral sundress. Whether you choose sweet and sassy, or classic baby clothes, the floral sundress is a look that every girl can wear. Play dates at the park, shopping trips with mom, and even a music and art festival are just some of the places for your budding fashionista to wear a great little dress!

By Summer Minor – a fashion writer for My Baby Clothes Boutique.