Picasso Would Be Proud! The Artistic Palette Plate By Skip Hop

Leave it to Skip Hop to come up with something so original. The Palette Plate is a feeding set for both babies and toddlers that is ideal for storing, preparing and feeding finger foods to tots. Included in the set are three microwave safe drop-in bowls that fit right into the skid-resistant Palette Plate for easy serving. If your child doesn’t finish their meal or if you want to store the leftovers, translucent covers make storage a snap.

Along with the plate set comes a special skid-resistant area for a cup and matching utensils.


* Lift-out individual bowls are microwave safe
* Skid-resistant area for cup
* Skid-resistant base
* Mix it up in the big bowl
* Includes three translucent lids for storage
* Matching utensils
* Dimensions: 13″W x 1.4″D x 10″H

Price: $27.99 from Amazon.com