Etsy Find: ‘Strawberrie Lemonade’ Posh Petti-Tutu

I know, I know another tutu! But, I adore them, I can’t help it! With two little girls running around in our house, I’m forever on the look out for girly things. My daughters are the two most feminine little girls you will ever meet!

This beautiful “Sweet Strawberrie Lemonade Posh”petti-tutu looks like a mound of whipped frosting! Made with many yards of tulle for that extra fluff, it is adorned with a hand-painted silk satin ribbon as opposed to a regular sash.

The seller can also create clippies or a tank top tee with embellishments to match (just send her a message for more info).

Price: $29.95 From Strawberrie Rose on Etsy