5 Original, Awesome and Interesting Block Sets

All blocks are not created equal. They may all be square. They may all have six sides. They may all have some kind of graphic element. But children’s blocks come in all sorts of different shades, styles and with a wide variety of aesthetic statements. Here are five favorites that go beyond just the basic ABCs and 123s.

Girard Alphabet Blocks (above)
I, for one, am tickled by the revival of the art work of Alexander Girard. The mid century designer’s work is whimsical and wonderful and perfect for the younger set. This set of 28 wood blocks – which were made from sustainable wood and printed with non-toxic inks – were created in conjunction with the artist’s estate. But these blocks may be something you buy for yourself not your kids, yeah, they’re that cool. $120 here.

The Nursery Rhyme Block Set
Every one of these blocks has it’s own story from Mary and her lamb to Jack and his candlestick. Each block features two embossed silhouettes as well as a short nursery rhyme, covering all the classics. You can pick up this set here for $49.

Groovies Educational Blocks
These blocks aren’t just for building, they are for sorting, ordering and learning about patterns. Each block has a number, geometric shapes that corresponds with the number and colorful grooves. This 28 piece set is available here for $49.

City & Country School Wooden Blocks
No numbers, no letters, just oodles of bright and vibrant colors. These 1.25 cubes are made from German beechwood and non-toxic paint. The pinks, greens, yellows, reds, purples, blacks, blues and browns are prefect for building, sorting and just plain piling.  The set is available here for $45.

Pottery Barn Kids Blocks
A Pottery Barn staple, these sturdy smooth blocks -26 in all – come in a canvas bag for storage and make a perfect gift. Each block has letters, two word and two bright images, perfect for layering and learning. This set is available here for $49.