Coq en Pâte – Fabulous French Rucksacks


For most of you summer vacation just started and doing any kind of back to school shopping is the probably the last thing on your mind. But these backpacks from Coq en Pâte are so irresistible, so incredibly cute and oh so French, they’re worth picking up now.  Seriously.

Coq en Pâte is a publishing and fashion accessory company for kids based in Saint Malo, France. Not only are their designs completely adorable but they are consciously made. Their practices are 100% ethical and they only “create, produce and sell products that respect human beings and the environment.” The line of rucksacks are made of sturdy organic cotton and are produced under eco-friendly conditions.

This series of bags- illustrated by the artist Virgo- feature such wildlife as whales, lions, giraffes and elephants. While some of the bags merely have a sweet tag lines like the lion saying “I’m Hungry”, or a set of giraffes saying “Protect Me,” others get more political like the oil covered whale who says, “Empty your tank someplace else.”  Cute and with a message.

But you don’t have to wait for school to start back up to use these bags, it would be perfect for those summer strolls, trips to the park or just for lugging those coloring books, crayons and a toy or two while out to brunch with the family.  The backpacks retail for €28.85 each (about $35) right here.

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