Camp Lango Offers Fun Summer Day Camps That Teach Kids Foreign Languages

Children now have the opportunity to learn a new language during their summer camp!

Camp Lango has combined all of the fun a summer day camp provides with the benefits of learning in their language-immersion day camps designed for children ages four to nine years of age. Three languages are offered: Mandarin, French and Spanish. Kids can learn a foreign language while playing games, singing songs, creating art projects, conducting scavenger hunts and sharing the adventures of Cosmo, the Lango bulldog, and his friends, the Lango Kids.

“Lango utilizes Adventure Learning®, a proprietary approach to teaching kids languages. Students complete “challenges” in order to experience new vocabulary and grammar through art, movement, playacting and basic conversation. Initially, these challenges are quite simple, but as students are able to grasp more complex instructions, the challenges become problem-solving exercises that students feel very proud to overcome.”

The camp’s dynamic, experienced teachers serve as counselors, and are supported by a team of native-speaking and fluent assistant counselors. Campers participate in a variety of activities each day, including special “No English!” times, designed to provide an immersion experience while still allowing for a ton of fun.

Camp Lango summer day camps in California include:

  • Contra Costa County – Spanish and Mandarin
  • Davis – Spanish
  • Irvine – Spanish, French and Mandarin
  • Newport Beach/Huntington Beach/Tustin/Orange – Spanish, French and Mandarin
  • Oakland – Spanish
  • Redlands – Spanish, French and Mandarin
  • San Diego Coastal – Spanish and Mandarin
  • San Francisco – Spanish
  • San Mateo – Spanish and Mandarin
  • Ventura County – Spanish and Mandarin

Camp Lango summer camps are also available in:

  • Denver, Colorado – Spanish
  • Ft. Worth, Texas – Spanish and French
  • Las Vegas, Nevada – Spanish
  • Montgomery County, Maryland – Spanish, Mandarin and French
  • New Orleans, Louisiana – Spanish, French and Mandarin
  • Prince Georges County, Maryland – Spanish

The camps will take place between June and August 2010 . The specific dates and pricing vary by location, but all dates were designed with school vacations in mind. Please visit http://www.langokids.com to find more detailed information about a Camp Lango near you.

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  1. Foreign Languages

    May 27, 2010 at 6:06 am

    Here are some ideas of summer activities for kids. Foreign Languages

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  3. pragmatic mom

    June 2, 2010 at 9:21 pm

    Thanks for this suggestion. I blog on Introducing Kids to Foreign Languages (Spanish and Mandarin Chinese) and have suggestions for more books, dvds, cds, games and more that have helped keep my kids engaged in learning foreign languages: http://www.pragmaticmom.com/?page_id=1926

    Pragmatic Mom
    Type A Parenting for the Modern World

    I blog on education, parenting and children’s lit.

  4. Rockland County Day Camps

    August 31, 2010 at 12:25 pm

    There seems to be so many different types of summer camps out there. A camp that will teach the kids a new language certainly seems like a great idea for any parent to consider. Thank you for sharing this.

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