Newspaper Print “Gazette” Pre-Walkers By John Galliano

John Galliano Baby Girls Gazette Shoe

The daily Gazette is now available on shoes! John Galliano has designed a collection of shoes for baby girls, boys and toddlers that display a black on white newspaper “gazette” print along the top and sides of the shoe. The leather pre-walker pair for baby girls above have a velcro bar to keep shoes in place and retail for $99.92.

John Galliano Baby Boys Prewalker Gazette Print Leather Bootees

For boys, John Galliano has put together a pre-walker in a more masculine bootie style with the same gazette print as the shoes above in an opposite white on black print. Price: $107.06

John Galliano Baby Girls Prewalker Gazette Print Leather Shoes

If you have boy and girl twins, this matching pair of pre-walkers for girls go beautifully with the previous pair above. These stylish white on black printed leather booties retail for $92.78.