Fuse Project Launches Collección Escolar 2010 For “See Better To Learn Better”

Design studio Fuse Project has partnered with the Mexican government and launched a free eyeglasses program called “See Better To Learn Better”.

The collaboration between Yves Béhar/fuseproject and Mexico has lead to Collección Escolar 2010, a collection of customizable and iconic corrective eyewear that is specifically designed for students, ages 6-18 years old. 11% of kids in Mexico have difficulty learning due to issues of poor vision, in fact, the number is as high as 60-70% in some schools located in Morellos, Sonora and Chiappas.

These new glasses have durable, ergonomic frames that can be customized according to the child’s preference. The tops and bottoms can be mixed and matched and the innovative interchangeable nose pads allow children with smaller noses to wear the glasses more comfortably.

The glasses can be adjusted and updated with changing prescriptions, and 7 colors, 5 shapes and 3 sizes are available and can be customized through the special options catalogue.

Using advanced Gilamid plastic with it’s overly flexible properties, the designers have created glasses which are almost indestructible making them perfect for sports!

The “See Better To Learn Better” program provides free eye examinations through the schools and the prescriptions along with the desired frames are produced locally by Augen, a Mexican company, and then delivered to the schools.

For more information on this campaign or to view more products created by Fuse Project, please visit their blog.

Photos: Fuse Project

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