It was announced in November that Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt were partnering up with Asprey to create a line of jewelry and silver accessories.

The ‘Protector Collection’ features a serpent as Jolie is said to consider the reptile as an iconic guardian and protector of her family, inspired by a ring which was given to her as a gift while pregnant with the couple’s daughter Shiloh in 2006. This idea is one which was conceived and designed by Pitt and Jolie, over a year ago.

The Luxist just reported on an additional design the couple has been working on. A $11,000 pair of black diamond, emerald and white gold serpent cufflinks are the first piece for the Protector’s men’s collection.

Prices start at $525 for a silver baby spoon with a serpent shaped handle. All proceeds from the line will benefit the Education Partnership For Children of Conflict (EPCC) which was co-founded by Jolie.  This wonderful organization currently raises funds and awareness to educate children who are victims of war, conflict and natural disasters.

The Protector Collection can be purchased in Asprey stores in London, New York, Beverly Hlls, Tokyo and Dubai. For pricing or a list of retailers please visit Asprey.

Photos Courtesy of Asprey

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