SIGG: A Premium, Lightweight Solution To Plastic Water Bottles

SIGG Switzerland is the world leader when it comes to manufacturing high-tech, reusable water bottles. Since 1908, this company has been producing premium products in 100 different shapes and styles with new designs coming out every year.

Swiss Engineered for the highest quality and 20% lighter in weight than Lexan plastic bottles, SIGG bottles are made from a single piece of pure aluminum giving them maximum stability, leak-proof performance and unbreakable properties.

If you are like myself and leaching is a concern, you will be pleased to know that SIGGs have been independently tested to ensure 0.00% leaching! A baked-on, non-toxic, inner EcoCare liner – exceeding the FDA requirements – ensures no metallic taste or taste transfer between beverages.

I have tried many different kinds of bottles over the years and unfortunately there has been some kind of issue with every one of them. Either they are too heavy, leak (even when closed) or they take on flavors of the last beverage placed in the bottle.

After testing out the SIGG bottles with myself and my daughters, I am beyond pleased with their performance! The unique twist-cap is a pleasant change from the pop-up style and I appreciated the transparent dust cap. Due to their lightweight nature, SIGG bottles are easy for little ones to tote around and lighten mama’s load as well (diaper bags can get pretty heavy as it is).

SIGG carries a very wide assortment of sizes and style options suitable for toddlers, kids, teens and adults. These bottles are so stylish, they are the go-to brand for celebrities such as Jessica Alba, Heidi Klum and her children, Jennifer Garner, Giselle Bundchen, Reese Witherspoon and Adrian Grenier (just to name a few).

Insulated pouches can be purchased in addition to the bottles and are a great choice for keeping beverages cold during hot days at the beach.

In celebration of Earth Day, one of our favourite exclusive sale sites Haute Look is offering 40% off all SIGG bottles! There is a vast array of colours and styles for both kids and adults. This is a limited time offer and will end in 48 hours so be sure to head on over before they sell out!

For more information or to view the rest of their product line-up, please visit SIGG.com.

*Company provided a sample to facilitate this review*