Tatty Devine Lolita Sunglasses & Handlebar Moustache: Quirky & Artistic Accessories For Kids

These are probably some of the coolest accessories for kids that I have ever come across! Spectacles, Lolita-style glasses and a Handle-bar moustache can be hung around your child’s neck and propped up on their noses for some fun!

The unisex glasses above are “just like Jarvis Cocker” and look great with skinny jeans, a trendy tee or a printed hooded sweatshirt.

The Lolita heart-shaped glasses can be worn around her neck and are almost the size of real glasses allowing kids to put them on the end of their nose. Definitely a perfect accessory for this season’s trendiest outfits!

These huge 3-D glasses work just like the real ones with their red and green transparent glass. Wear them with a trendy outfit and your ready to go off to the cinema!

And last but not least, one of Tatty Devine’s best sellers,  the delightful Colonel Moustache. Round his neck, under his nose, in the style of Dali – definitely a must have!

Price: 20.90- 36.79 € from Little Fashion Gallery