These gorgeous earrings are designed by Judith Bright Jewelry, a company who made their sparkling debut in the new film, “The Back-up Plan”!

Actress, superstar and mom-to-two Jennifer Lopez, wore Judith’s hand-hammered earrings and stacking cuff bracelets throughout the romantic comedy which opens April 23, 2010.

Signature Judith Bright pieces in the film include Paisley earrings, Ashley earrings, India Marquis earrings and RockLess Stacking Cuffs. All of the pieces feature Judith’s signature design style: bold, clean lines, elegant in it’s simplicity.

For great Mother’s Day gift ideas, check out Judith’s different collections. Her SILVER+ROCKS and GOLD+ROCKS, are created from sterling silver and gold-filled chains with semi-precious stones linking the elements in various combinations. The ROCKLESS line, uses silver and gold metals with hand-hammered and hand-wrapped chain and wire elements.

In addition to “The Back-up Plan,” Judith Bright’s jewels have appeared in other productions, including the film “The Rebound” (2010 release) with Catherine Zeta-Jones, and television shows, “Gossip Girl,” “Samantha Who?,” “The New Adventures of Old Christine,” “Better Off Ted” and others.

Judith Bright Jewelry is available for purchase through her online boutique:

2 Comments on Jennifer Lopez Wears Jewelry From Designer Judith Bright In “The Back-Up Plan”

  1. Oh my god,

    i’m an indian woman born in holland and i am in love with these beautiful earrings and would really like to know if there is a judith bright line for sale in holland somewhere?
    Wow,i’d really like to know.Good luck with designing your beatiful line of juwelry and a big yeahhhh for la lopez for showing it in her movie.

    Greetings Aruna Dewoe from Holland.

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