The BellyMold: Luxury & Indulgent On-Site Belly Casting Service

I was recently introduced to BellyMold, Ltd., an incredible company that takes belly casting to a whole new level.

Founded by mother-daughter team Jill Price and Jessica Hight, BellyMold is an on-site service that provides private discreet casting and design services to expecting moms around the world.

The BellyMold team has been involved with Belly Casting for over 10 years and has been recommended by OBGYN’s, Doulas, Baby Planners, Prenatal yoga instructors, Agents, Publicists, Media Reps, Designers and more. Every singe product is custom, handmade and of the highest quality!

Thanks to their discreet “under the radar” services, BellyMold has become very popular among the elite. Celebrities, politicians, corporate executive’s wives, Oil Barons, Tycoons and moms from all over have come to use BellyMold in order to this treasured life experience.

Everything needed for the belly casting is brought to your home or location of choice including a photographer, videographer, drop cloths and meditation music. An interview is then conducted with the mom-to-be in order to determine the artistic preference or style of the individual.

Paint, metals, airbrush designs, fabrics, flowers, photos, feathers, glass, gems and shells are some of the adornments used to personalize this artistic artifact.

As the design process commences, step-by-step images are sent for continual approval from the client. In the end, the sculpture is delivered to your home, ready for installation!

Prices for this indulgent luxury prenatal service start at $25,000 (U.S. Dollars). For more information or for a personalized quote, please visit The Belly Mold or email Jill Price at bellymold@gmail.com.