Tiny Woodland Mushroom & Monarch Butterfly Necklace

Fairies, toadstools and magical forests immediately come to mind – this Tiny Woodland Mushroom & Monarch Butterfly necklace is simply magical!

Inside the tiny 1/2″ wide glass vial, a handmade and painted toadstool mushroom is set on a bed of real, preserved moss and then topped with a tiny photograph of a real monarch butterfly. The cork (and the tiny eye pin in it) are secured with glue and the entire necklace is strung on a delicate sterling silver chain.

Due to it’s delicate nature this necklace would be more suitable for an older child or adult. The entire pieces measures 18″.

Tiny Terrarium rings and necklaces are Woodland Belle exclusives, and originated on Etsy.

Price: $57.50 at WoodlandBelle on Etsy