SwitchFlops: Switch It Up With New Flip Flops For Kids

What if you could take one pair of shoes and turn them into 12 different styles with a simple switch of a strap?

Designed with patented Velcro straps, SwitchFlops for Kids allows your little one to do just that by easily switching off one strap for another. Their three different shoe styles combined with the 12 special straps available allow you to put over 30 different combined looks together. Zebra prints with rhinestone buttons, ruffle straps with daisy buttons and grosgrain ribbons with pink patent flowers are just a few of the special straps available.

SwitchFlops for Kids offers three different shoe styles as bases for the interchangeable straps and each pair of shoes comes with its own removable signature strap:

  • Alden Flat: A kid-size version of the classic SwitchFlops LuLu flat, the black flip flop comes with polka-dot straps and a white button.
  • Alden Flower Print: The blue flip flop is decorated with green, white, and light blue polka dots and yellow flowers. Just like The Janet strap for adults, The Alden’s yellow strap has polka dots and a daisy button.
  • Jill Wedge: Adorned with peace signs and hearts, this hot pink flip flop comes with a polka dot strap with a peace sign button made of rhinestones. The Jill Wedge has a slightly higher heel for the more mature girl.

My daughter opted for the Aiden Flower Print and insists upon wearing them with everything (socked feet and all).

Unlike many of the “flat” flip flops available for kids, Switchflops has a thicker, more cushioned foot bed. They are very well constructed and not your typical cheap flip flop.

Price: $30-$35 for the basic flops; $10 for each additional strap

To purchase visit Lindsay Phillips’ online shop. For moms who want to match with their little girls, check out the grownup versions of these cool shoes!

*Company provided a sample to facilitate this review*