Bestselling Zip It Bags & Purses Are Simple Yet Surprising

Launched in May 2009, Zipit USA Inc. offers a new product never seen before – the zipper bags. Within a few months of it’s launch, Zip-it jumped to the top of the Amazon.com sellers list. Their products have been ranked in the top 100 of their categories with the Zip It Dinky (pictured below) continually maintaining the No. 1 spot.

These simple yet surprising new bags are colorful, inspiring and affordable, with a large variety perfect for adults, students and kids. They come in a wide array of various shapes and sizes such as purses, laptop bags, totes, knapsacks and clutches.

“Our goal is to create an exceptional customer experience, both in terms of our product design, as well as customer service”, says Ronen Amit, founder and head of the Zipit online business. “We decided to adopt an attentive and determined customer service policy and Amazon.com’s recognition, along with our customers’ enthusiasm has confirmed our decision.”

Check out Zip-it’s online store for individual pricing and more information. Alternatively you can visit Amazon.com to purchase.

Price: $14.99-$26.99