Alexander McQueen Tribute by Children’s Fashion Photographer JaTawny

On the one month anniversary of Lee Alexander McQueen’s death, children’s fashion photographer JaTawny Muckelvene Chatmon posted her photography tribute to the great Lee “Alexander” McQueen on her website and blog.  Along with a group of other artists, JaTawny composed this photography tribute using child fashion models.

The photographer posts “At 11:22 am on February 11, 2010 it was confirmed to me that Lee “Alexander” McQueen died. At 11:22 am a month later (March 11th, 2010) I wanted to share this project put together by myself; JaTawny Muckelvene Chatmon (photography), Isabelle Philogene (wardrobe), Joie Hayes (make up), Kenni Ford (hair) as a tribute in honor of the great, late Lee “Alexander” McQueen. He always marched to the beat of his own drum creating pieces that either seemed to materialize directly from a child’s whimsical daydream or harmonious beautiful nightmare. I would have loved to have seen what he could have created for children, since we never will, here’s how we imagined it might be.”

Adorned in McQueen”esque” wardrobe, make up and hair, this photo project exhibits mini fashion prima donna’s ages six to eleven years old.

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Shortly after 10 a.m. on February 11, 2010, the great Lee Alexander McQueen was found dead in his home at the age of 40. The fashion designer had committed suicide nine days after the death of his mother.

Known for his extravagant, over the top fashion shows and artistic one-of-a-kind designs, Alexander became on of the youngest designers to achieve the title “British Designer of the Year” which he won a total of 4 times and was named International Designer of the Year at the Council of Fashion Designer Awards.

Photo Credit: ©JaTawny for use on Child MODE

A mom to two girls and a baby boy, a writer and the publisher of Child Mode. As a lover of style and fashion, Nadia found her ‘niche’ and love of children’s clothing while searching for quality items for her family.


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  4. kids designer clothing

    May 14, 2010 at 12:45 pm

    She looks like a china doll! Adorable, I want!

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