K.I.D.S. An Incredible Organization Helping Families In Haiti

Kids In Distressed Situations Inc. (K.I.D.S.) is an incredible organization which has been working on supplying those affected by the recent Haiti tragedy with much needed supplies. Charity Navigator rated them a 4 star with a 99.2 percent efficiency rating.

Even before this disaster occurred K.I.D.S. has worked with various partners by maintaining a constant presence in the Port-au-Prince and Central Plateau region of Haiti since 1995, providing apparel, shoes and books to vulnerable children. Their main partner, Operation Compassion, has run a program helping Haiti’s less fortunate for the last ten years. and is very well established locally.

Due to the generosity of so many amazing companies during this horrible tragedy, K.I.D.S. has already received several million dollars worth of new product, including apparel, underwear, water, vitamin bars and other supplies.

After speaking to K.I.D.S. earlier today I was informed that the highest priority items are poised for delivery to Haiti while others are being sorted, wrapped and containerized for delivery as soon as they are needed.

On Tuesday night, a Fed Ex plane carried some of the higher priority items over. Just yesterday (January 21), after being told ahead of time how much food, water, clothes and other supplies were being given, 1300 women were brought to the compound where one of the warehouses is located. Once they received the products, these women “fell on the ground, crying in gratitude.” They were then escorted back to the area where they are sleeping in groups by armed guards. This is typical of the distribution process in all of the areas where our product is going.

Just a few facts :

• Operation Compassion uses a secure 50,000 sq ft. warehouse outside Port Au Prince that is undamaged and currently is the first ship-to point. They work every month with 100 schools, dozens of orphanages and dozens of smaller warehouse facilities to distribute products in a timely and manageable manner. Currently, any donations that will be used months from now are being stored in the US to make sure there is room in the Haiti warehouses for the products needed now.

• Since K.I.D.S.’ initial appeal just after the earthquake, companies have been very generous in donating new products. To date, more than 65 donor companies have provided or pledged close to $6 million worth of product (see attached listing). K.I.D.S. is continuing to work with retailers and manufacturers to obtain donations of desperately needed new products for the long-term response that will be needed for the children and families of Haiti.

• Products that are needed for immediate relief efforts include clothes, socks, underwear and blankets. Virtually any type of other new product donations will be needed in the weeks and months to come as the country rebuilds, and those donations are also welcome. Our donated product that is currently being distributed was already in transit when the earthquake struck. Small amounts of our apparel are going in immediately via airplane. We are moving larger shipments through Cap Haiten in the north and the Dominican Republic to the east. The port in Port-au-Prince opened yesterday, but only with one paved road going in and out.

• For agencies that are just now trying to establish product distributions in Haiti, the confusion and delay seen in the news is accurate. There is a lack of coordination, manpower and warehouse space. Operation Compassion’s long presence in Haiti has meant that they are working through an established system that was also not damaged by the earthquake. Besides distributing the donated product, they are also feeding people, with 50,000 hot meals given out yesterday around the country.

Every little bit counts! Monetary donations are needed at this time to help ship these supplies to Haiti.

Companies with NEW product to donate can use the online form at K.I.D.S.’ Web site or call 1-800-266-3314 for assistance.
Click Here to Donate Product Online

K.I.D.S. is accepting cash donations to help distribute the donated product today and in the months to come. For every $10 in cash, K.I.D.S. can move $100 of donated products! Click Here to Donate Cash Online.